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Modularum, one platform, multiple usages.

streamlines workflows and user journeys, so you or your team can deliver efficiently and effectively.

Modularum is a dynamical referral and user relationship management platform. Bringing together features from both CRM and RMS in small packages (modules) of independently deployable services.

Images of a mobile device, Computer screen and Laptop displaying Signum Health's products screenshot of the system

Powerful Features

Packed with features to help customers and teams self-serve

Goals and Plans

Set and share goals. End user engagement and participation. 

Case Managment

One source of truth. Notes, appointments, assessments, referrals & Messages.

Onward Referral

Create an ecosystem of services / contacts to encourage support, benefits and incentives. 


In-built directory site; listing  managing services / projects  Reviews and feedback

Community Forum

Enable internal and external discussions and supercharge user engagement. 


Custom and public Web APIs to integrate with existing CMS and peripheral platforms 

Business Intel 

Customisable dashboard collates data for KPIs. Inform service delivery and change.

Location Check-in

Effectively track check-ins and gain tangible results on customer traffic and sales


Create your own digital-impression and customize its use adequately with a range of user controlled settings.

Video Consult

Secure remote communication and appointments.

Form Builder

Build questionnaires and surveys and track impact of delivery, end user engagement and overall impact.

24/7 Support

Put customers back in control by offering the support they expect, in their channel of choice.

Less Data Entry, Less Paperwork, More Analysis - efficient worflows

Excellence in Delivery

Choose the features that work for you, bespoke your service and taylor the platform to your needs


Ability to run via an internet browser 24/7 from any device

Ops Management 

No installation, equipment updates or traditional licensing management

Cost Effective  

No upfront hardware costs and flexible payment methods


Easily scale a solution to accommodate changing needs

Data Storage 

Data routinely saved in the cloud


Access to data reporting and intelligence tools

Increase Security

Modern and most recent security technology and expertise

Data Analytics

Yield meaningful insights about your users, delivery and impact, with access to your own Business Intelligence Dashboard. 

Accessible analytics

Improve the effectiveness of risk management models and create smarter strategies


Use data feedback to update and improve existing products/services while innovating new ones

Data-driven decisions

Design & inform service provision, systems & work flow. Optimize the user experience.

Economic Impact

ROI insight, budget management and prioritisation and efficiencies and savings

Computer Screen and Laptop displaying graphs, charts and data for display purposes
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